Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

Mobile is changing the whole world and us too. Today, everyone has smartphone devices with them, to communicate and for seeking information. With a smartphone device in almost every hand, surfing on mobile device has become a common phenomenon. As surfing on mobile phones is increasing rapidly, websites are witnessing more traffic through mobile phones.

• Improved User Experience
Mobile websites are especially designed for handheld devices for different screen sizes and shapes, as it enhances the browsing experience for its users therefore no mobile user wants to browse a desktop version of website on their smartphones. Various researches on mobile website also showed that the site which performs better on smart phones significantly improves the user satisfaction and experience.
• Increased Mobile Conversions
From an Internet marketing standpoint, developing a mobile version of your website will improve your search engine rankings when your site is being searched through mobile devices. A mobile friendly website not only encourages users but it also engage users to browse through multiple pages of your website which in return increase conversion rate and decrease bounce rate.
• Easier Navigation
Build on the concept of improved user experience, a mobile website makes site navigation on for its user much easier.

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