Social Networking Solution

Social Networking Solution

Social media industry came into existence about 10 years ago when chat messengers that allowed people to communicate and share content with each other surfaced on the internet. Now, the industry houses Facebook and Twitter under its umbrella. The popularity of these platforms has caused the advertisement industry to focus on strategically placing ads on these platforms, which has changed the media industry.

Business Model
Players in the social media industry rely on increasing their respective user bases and then successfully monetizing it through digital advertisements.
-> Facebook
Facebook is at the epicenter of the flourishing Social Media industry. With hundreds of millions of users accessing the platform each day to connect, share and communicate with each other, the company has witnessed stellar growth over the past few years.
-> Twitter
Twitter, which has created a micro-blogging platform, trails only Facebook’s social network in terms of popularity and usage.
-> LinkedIn
LinkedIn Corporation, unlike other Social Media platforms, is an online network dedicated to professionals. It connects more than 200 million users across the globe by allowing them to create professional profiles and seek career opportunities.

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